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Posted: October 28, 2016 (10:06 AM) by Kent McDonald View original post
I am fascinated by language as I have mentioned in previous posts. I thoroughly enjoy this discussion, because the more we learn about how the world seems to work the more we can appreciate the astounding creativity of God. The variety in species form gigantic whales to the platypus; the variety of insect life from dust mites to spiders as large as your hand; the facts of science including the interplay between light and darkness and human ability to navigate in both extremes; absolutely everything we perceive around us more astonishing the deeper we delve into details. Morphic Resonance, still another intriguing concept that may well be an indicator of His hand at work. There are several sites on the web investigating a different kind of resonance. For instance: Motionless Electromagnetic Generator US Patent 6362718 B1
google it. A fascinating piece of technology patented and stalled for lack of funding. FREE ELECTRICITY. Based on the discovery that electricity can actually be tapped from the ether. Check out Tom Beardens website: where he and some fellow scientists came upon this phenomenon.
Apparently there are mutiple kinds of morphic resonance which we have heretofore never discovered.
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