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If you visited this site in the past, you will recognize that a lot has changed. The old blog is gone. Don't worry, it's been archived and the posts will be available at some point. However, I have decided to go in a new direction with this website.

I have wanted to move toward a more "scholarly" direction for some time, and now I finally have the opportunity to do so. I have not enjoyed the strife of arguing online and debating things because most of the "debate" has turned into flame wars and calling other people insulting names. I want to do more than that. So I have removed myself from the fray, or at least from the trenches.

This is not to critize those who do debate online. It's just not for me anymore. Rather, my desire is to give better content. That is, instead of quick blog posts designed more for a reaction than for teaching or training, I am moving toward producing e-books (for free) so that I can edify a larger audience. I pray that this task is fruitful and worthwhile.

With that in mind, I'm working on an e-book entitled: What I Believe. It is precisely about that very topic. This e-book is a work in progress, but the parts that are available I hope are edifying. The link will take you to the Table of Contents, which also includes a brief summary of each chapter. You can also scroll through it, like an e-book reader.

This new format has been designed with a mobile first idea, so might not look good on a full screen browser. If that is the case, try resizing your browser so it is roughly the size of a Kindle or iPad screen.

In all things: Soli Deo gloria.