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Guidelines for the Community

Posted: October 23, 2015 (10:00 PM) by CalvinDude
This website began just as a blog for Peter Pike, known in some IRC channels as CalvinDude because of his Calvinism. As it now enters into its tenth year of operation, Peter wanted to expand it into a more community oriented project.

Peter has two goals which at first seem to be competing, but which he believes can both be attained. First, he believes strongly in the First Amendment and in the fact that any idea that needs to censor the opposition is already a false idea, because true ideas can stand or fall on the basis of their own truth value. Or, to put it another way, even though it's possible for some false ideas to gain converts, censoring a false idea (instead of exposing it to the light of truth through rigorous debate) will cause more people to believe the false idea than letting the false idea speak for itself while rebutting it with reason.

The second idea Peter holds is that the vast majority of places online to comment on ideas rapidly turn into cesspools of hate, vileness, and obscenity, and that's not even getting into the spambots that are universal. It seems that most people use the anonymity offered online to attack people rather than ideas.

With that in mind, we are striving to have a community that is reasonable and oriented toward logical debate. We are not trying to end passionate debate, but we want everyone involved to be passionate about their ideas and beliefs, not passionate in tearing down people who disagree.

Because it is important to let people speak their minds without fear of reprisal in their personal life, there is no requirement to use a real name on this site. Additionally, anyone who takes steps to "dox" someone (that is, to find out who they are in real life in order to publish that information) will be banned from participating in this site. The ability to remain anonymous is a vital aspect of free speech and will be upheld here.

But this is still a Christian website. Anyone who posts anything that is pornographic in nature will be banned. And if it is illegal pornography, such as that involving minors, will work with the police in any way possible to bring you to justice. Other behavior that will trigger this type of involvement with law enforcement will include any death threats (which will be taken seriously). respects intellectual property rights, especially regarding plagiarism. While it is not always possible to remember a source, especially if you hear it live, do not try to pass off something as yours that you did not come up with. Always try to cite the source, and if you can't, say something like, "I've heard it said" or "I once read" or some other kind of indicator, when you are not speaking about your own thoughts.

Finally, while we try to be fair in all situations, please note that any administrative decision made by the owners or moderators of this website are final and are not subject to appeal. You can criticize any such decisions without penalty, unless you are banned from the site, as long as you do not engage in any personal attacks. But please note that we are all subjective human beings and it is generally not a good idea to foster ill will.
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