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Typographical Functions

Posted: October 23, 2015 (10:00 PM) by CalvinDude does not allow HTML in comments. This is because of the ability of nefarious users to try to inject code into comments when HTML is permitted. However, we understand that it is important to be able to express yourself when you are writing too. Therefore, we've added some tags for typographical functions. Additionally, we have implemented a feature that converts certain tags into logic symbols.

Text Tags

The textual markup tags are as follows:

Bold: [b][/b]
Italics: [i][/i] and [em][/em]
Strikethrough: [s][/s]
Blockquote: [q][/q]
Highlighter: [h][/h]
Center: [c][/c]

Please note that centering text works on the entire paragraph. Anything that breaks the paragraph (including adding a blockquote) will stop the center function at that point.


I want to [b]bold[/b] this text and [i]italicize[/i] this text, 
while making [b][i]this text both[/i][/b] and [h]highlighting[/h] 
this text.  After that, I think I will

[q]Quote someone here.[/q]

[c]And then I want to center this line.[/c]

Will render as:

I want to bold this text and italicize this text, while making this text both and highlighting this text. After that, I think I will
Quote someone here.

And then I want to center this line.

Logic Symbols

Certain logical symbols have codes you can use here too. You do not have to use them, of course, but it may make things easier.


{:.} A
This will render as:

∴ A

Math Symbols

Finally, this site also uses MathJax for mathematical equations. For an exhaustive list of MathJax commands, see here.

To insert something, like for example the checkmark character (\(\checkmark\)), you need both the command you are going to insert as well as tags around the command. To show something inline you would use the \( and \) tags. Thus, typing: \(\checkmark\) will give you \(\checkmark\).

To make the equation appear on its own line, you can surround it with $$. Thus, if you type in $$\checkmark$$ you will get $$\checkmark$$ Note that not every symbol will work here and it is very easy to make a typo. If you use MathJax, always preview and make sure everything looks good before you save your comment!
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