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What is Probation?

Posted: November 6, 2015 (10:00 PM) by CalvinDude
Because of the number of spammers and bots that have attacked this website over the years, we have implemented a probationary period for beginning accounts. Probation can also be applied to accounts that have violated some of the community guidelines, but not severely enough to warrant a ban.

When an account is on probation, posting privileges are extremely limited. In addition to restrictions on the length of comment one can submit, there are also timing restrictions put in place. This is to keep spammers from creating an account and then flooding the comments with spam before the account can be banned.

While we go through the initial stages of getting these features implemented, the values for the text restrictions and time delays may change dramatically. While we want to weed out spam, and while it should be punitive for those who have violated the rules, we do not want to punish genuine users who are just joining. We ask for patience on the part of those who are new users as we iron out the details.
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