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Enjoy Your "Victory"

Posted: November 9, 2016 (7:46 AM) by CalvinDude
So it appears we have the victory of the “lesser” evil. I’m still trying to see some silver linings in this mess. What analogy could be used to describe this election?

Think of America as a little boy who is playing out in sub-zero temperatures wearing nothing but his boxers. He’s fast developing frost bite. The situation looks quite grim, so we are told “If we do not amputate his limbs, he will die of gangrene.”

Hillary Clinton is, of course, the gangrene in this scenario. Trump is the amputation of the limbs.

But even this analogy doesn’t quite get at the reality of the situation, because running desperately toward the shivering little boy is the mother screaming at the top of her lungs, “JUST GO INSIDE AND GET YOUR COAT!” That was the voice of conservatives who rightly point out that literally any of the seven million other Republican candidates this year would have been better than Trump—even Jeb! would have been an improvement. Instead, America opted to ignore that advice and pick amputation.

Is it really the lesser of two evils when the lesser evil could have been avoided altogether?

The bottom line is, like in the analogy above where the little boy will have to live on now without his limbs, America will now have to live on without a Conservative candidate ever being nominated as president again. I’ve explained the logic before, but I’ll state it again. The RNC wants to win elections more than they care about principals. Conservatives have just told them that they will vote for a candidate as liberal as Trump is, because the Democrat is worse than Trump. (And believe me, the Democrat is always worse than the Republican, otherwise he or she would have had an R after his/her name instead of the D.) The RNC knows that it will be able to pick off more votes from the middle if they run Liberal Republicans, whereas they will already have just as many Conservative votes either way. Therefore, simple math dictates that they must move leftward on the spectrum.

I will never see a Conservative nominated in my lifetime. Trump’s victory assures that.

But I mentioned I’m looking for some silver linings.


1) Hillary might go to jail. Except no one really expect Obama not to pardon her. So…

1) Liberals might see how “reasonable” Conservatives are in voting for someone who is not a religious fuddy-duddy. Except, as one of my atheist friends on Facebook said, “Those of you who voted for Trump -- especially those of you who are Christian -- never again are allowed to say the moral character and integrity of the president is a priority to you.” So…

1) Trump might not be as bad as Hillary would have been.

Well. There is that.

I sure hope you got some great soup out of selling your birthright, Conservatives. It’s not like the Bible ever says things will go wrong if you give up your principals for political convenience or anything.

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Kent McDonald Rating: 0
I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly. To me, America is the Titanic, having already struck the iceberg, the Captain and crew (the leaders) debate over whether the string quartet should play "Thus Spake Zarathustra" or "American Pie". While the passengers debate whether this ship will sink headfirst or stern first. Some debate whether it is "fair" that first class passengers were able to have eggs benedict while the lower classes had to make do with a hard-boiled egg. Still others are sure that the good ship Titanic will limp along and make harbor safely, all evidence to the contrary, notwithstanding. The crew below decks debates whether to inform everyone they are out of coal to stoke the fires of the engine and they are dead in the water. Although the voices may be raised many decibels trying to convince their neighbor of the righteousness of their "cause", they overlook the obvious...we are all on the same boat and it is going down. The answer? "even so, Lord Jesus, COME QUICKLY!"
CalvinDude Rating: 0
Your last sentence is spot on. In fact, I agree with you agreeing with me for the rest too! :-D

It is possible that Trump really did have a conversion and will govern righteously despite how he ran his campaign. It's also possible that aliens live on the far side of the moon, for that matter.
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