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God of the Gaps

Posted: September 12, 2016 (11:44 AM) by CalvinDude
Here's a great point from Rocking With Hawking regarding the fallacy of atheists complaining about the "God of the gaps" argument:
It's like if scientists discovered a sophisticated alien spacecraft. After years of studying it, scientists have figured out how the alien spaceship works. They know how to turn it on, how to fly it, how to use its navigation and weapons systems, how to land it. They know how its engine and other internal mechanics work. They know its energy source for fuel. They know what material it is built out of. And so on. Basically, scientists know everything there is to know about the alien spacecraft.

But now that scientists understand all this, would it make any sense if they then said, "Welp, now that we understand everything about this spacecraft, no need to posit that it was built by an intelligent alien species, for that would be superfluous"?
Great points indeed, RWH :-)

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