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Morphic Language

Posted: October 24, 2016 (9:38 AM) by CalvinDude
Back in April, I wrote a post called Language Speculation. I was tempted to recapitulate it here, but you can just click the link and read it instead :-P

Anyway, as an update to that, I saw this news story today: High school athlete wakes up from coma speaking Spanish after concussion. The key passage is:
When he [Reuben Nsemoh] woke up, he couldn't speak English, but he was able to speak fluent Spanish, a language he couldn't speak before.
Now this does not seem to make any sense unless something like Morphic Resonance is true. It certainly doesn't make sense in a Darwinistic universe.

Consider the Darwinist view here. More specifically, the materialistic Darwinian view (as a theistic evolution view could get around this problem). On that view, the only way for Nsemoh to have learned Spanish was if he had picked it up from people around him. But, his brain had to have done this in secret. That is, his brain learned Spanish on the sly. And not only did it learn it on the sly, it learned it so well that after his coma, Nsemoh was able to speak it fluently.

We can ask a simple question: how does this convey a survivability advantage, such that it would be selected for due to Natural Selection? Obviously, it would be useful to have a secondary language to fall back on if one has brain damage, but that's not what I'm questioning here. I mean specifically this: what advantage is it for the brain to learn a complete language that you do not use unless you have brain damage? Because, under Darwinism and materialistic concepts, that's the only thing that could have happened here. Nsemoh had to have learned Spanish without knowing he had learned it.

But wouldn't there be a greater advantage to learning it while knowing you have learned it? Surely, being conscious of this second language that you've picked up would provide a greater survivability advantage, given that it doesn't rely on you needing brain damage before it kicks in in the first place!

Of course, under the theory of Morphic Resonance, this does make sense. In that view, the human brain is more like a television that is tuned to a signal and displays that information on the screen. The information is not generated by the television; the television just displays it. In the same way, the brain doesn’t store information about language; it just is used to “tune in” to the language field so that a person can speak the correct language. If you smack your TV and the sensors go off in just the right way, you might try to watch ESPN and pull in HBO instead. In the same way, damage the brain in just the right way and it’s possible that the language field you “tune into” is Spanish instead of English.

Obviously, this story isn’t proof that Morphic Resonance is true, but it does seem to be quite damning against materialistic views, and would seem to suggest that something like Morphic Resonance must be going on.

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Kent McDonald Rating: 0
I am fascinated by language as I have mentioned in previous posts. I thoroughly enjoy this discussion, because the more we learn about how the world seems to work the more we can appreciate the astounding creativity of God. The variety in species form gigantic whales to the platypus; the variety of insect life from dust mites to spiders as large as your hand; the facts of science including the interplay between light and darkness and human ability to navigate in both extremes; absolutely everything we perceive around us more astonishing the deeper we delve into details. Morphic Resonance, still another intriguing concept that may well be an indicator of His hand at work. There are several sites on the web investigating a different kind of resonance. For instance: Motionless Electromagnetic Generator US Patent 6362718 B1
google it. A fascinating piece of technology patented and stalled for lack of funding. FREE ELECTRICITY. Based on the discovery that electricity can actually be tapped from the ether. Check out Tom Beardens website: where he and some fellow scientists came upon this phenomenon.
Apparently there are mutiple kinds of morphic resonance which we have heretofore never discovered.
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