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The Blog is Going into Archive Mode

Posted: October 1, 2017 (5:50 PM) by CalvinDude
If you're a regular visitor, despite how slow things have been this year, you'll notice I've implemented some new changes. You can no longer register for a new account on this site, nor can you log in to leave ratings or comments. This is the first step in the process as I begin to redesign this website. Ultimately, the blog itself will be archived so it will exist as a historical record on this website (and if it goes according to plan, anyone who has linked to content on this site will not be affected as the links should still work, etc.), but I will not be using this website as a blogging platform moving forward.

Without yet being able to go into all the details as to why I am no longer blogging, I do wish to give a little bit of insight, especially for those who have been longtime readers of this blog. The main reason for why I am shuttering the blog and going in a new direction is because I've found that I just don't have the stomach for blog debates anymore. The comments sections of most blogs are inhabited by trolls who make life miserable and I'm choosing not to be around that sort of thing any longer. I am not opposed to those who do enjoy that. In fact, I used to quite enjoy feeding trolls in the past. But I no longer have the stomach, energy, time, or inclination to do that.

Additionally, the pressures of blogging require constant updates and lots of new content. But the reality is that most of my views have already been shared and there's only so many ways you can say the same thing. The blog format is good for a quick synopsis, but what I really want to do is dig into the meat and bones of an issue. To sink into it and examine it fully. To research it heavily and make it more scholarly than the quick blog posts of old.

So the new focus on this website will be directed toward that end. Over the month of October, I'm planning on doing a complete redesign of this site. What's going to be on it? Pretty much whatever interests me. While I don't want to blog, I still have a strong desire to teach and to share my views on topics with other people, but I want it to be in a way that's useful long term. The quality of writing in blogs typically will not last the sands of time. So I'm going to be focused on more scholarly works and basically this website will be equivalent to an online library of books dealing with my beliefs and views on topics.

This website will not just be about theology and philosophy, although that will be the primary focus. In fact, my current goal is to start off with a short "book" on logic and then one that will examine logical fallacies. But beyond that, I probably will include a lot of stuff on math and physics, astronomy and other sciences, and pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy.

I hope that it may be of some value to my readers.

In Christ,

Peter Pike
AKA CalvinDude

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