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The Factor Field

Posted: October 13, 2016 (10:07 AM) by CalvinDude
I decided to gather together most of the various streams of thought I've been having on the Factor Field and have put it all together in one spot. I decided the best course of action here might be to do this as a PDF. So, I present to you: The Factor Field.

Please note that this is a first draft and is therefore subject to updates and change. Feel free to point out any errors you may find by commenting on this post.

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Kent McDonald Rating: 0
Thank you kind sir. You have completely and thoroughly validated my decision of long standing to not enter into the esoteric field of computer programming. Although I have lived with computers every day since 1987 and have even grown fond of them in the same way some men have an abiding affection for muscle cars, I made a decision heretofore unvalidated with real world experience. I somehow "knew" I wasn't cut out to be a computer programmer. One: because my expertise leans more toward the field of whimsical word groupings rather than number crunching. (The irony of which was not lost on me when by the end of my adult working life I was a true number cruncher dealing with projections, forecasts, debits and credits, and hounding debtors to pay up (in a nice Christian way, of course). Two: Most of my work life was writing commercial copy for advertising, writing poetry for private pleasure, song lyrics for musical numbers, and short stories. I am not constructed for thinking through the ideas you presented in your PDF. I will say I am proud to have finished at least through page five with a modicum of understanding, but honestly you lost me at hello if truth be told.

I thank God for men who have your 'peculiar' gift. Without you the forward march of human progress would come to a stumbling halt. I salute you !
CalvinDude Rating: 0
Thanks... I think. :-D
Where I Was...Starting to Get Disappointed...
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