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The RNC Banana Republic

Posted: July 19, 2016 (9:47 AM) by CalvinDude
Yesterday, the GOP proved they are, at root, fascists. I've never been so happy to call myself a former Republican, because that rotten cesspool needs to be drained, destroyed, and demolished forever.

For those not understanding what went on, a rules committee said that delegates would not be free to vote their consciences but would instead be bound. This rule was implemented via a voice vote instead of a roll call vote in the committee. But in order for it to actually take effect, it had to be voted on by every single delegate. Normally, this is just a simple voice vote. But, if the majority of delegates from seven states request a roll call vote, then a roll call vote must be made.

Nine states requested the roll call vote. Nine, you may notice, is larger than seven.

So, the first thing that happened was the secretary at the convention went into hiding. She had an armed guard protect her behind a curtain so she couldn't accept the properly formed petition.

When she finally did accept it, the chairman declared that three of the states had changed their minds, meaning that only six of the needed seven states remained. He was asked which states changed their minds. Shut up, he explained.

He then ordered a voice vote, which he declared the "ayes" won, avoiding the roll call completely. He later held a second voice call with the same manufactured result.

One bright side on this: all the delegates from Colorado walked out (as did Iowa). I'm proud of my state for that, at least.

Trump is the establishment candidate. Make no bones about it. The media and the establishment selected him so that Hillary would win. The banana republic is founded.

USA. You were good idea. For a while.

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Cruz's SpeechCan It Change?
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